Terms and Conditions

Age restriction on classes is 16, anyone under this age will be asked to attend the kids session – we will not allow anyone under 16 to join in any adult class.

We cannot offer refunds under any circumstance, if you miss a session you can make it up for free in another session. We need 48 hours notice to reschedule private sessions, you will lose that session if you cannot attend otherwise. Absolutely no refunds will be issued for workshop or masterclass deposits, either run by myself or by outside instructors. Please feel free to contact us concerning any issues about attendance, we endeavour to be as flexible as possible and will always seek to accommodate you where possible.

We reserve the right to cancel or change classes at any time – we endeavour not to do this without prior notice and only during extreme circumstances would a class be cancelled. In this instace you would be notified and you will be reimbursed or transferred to another class . We don;t have any control over classes run by outside instructors.

We reserve the right to refuse entry to classes – if you book onto a class that is beyond your level we cannot guarantee to honour your booking, may refuse entry and are not able to refund your money. It is at our discretion to refuse entry into class for whatever reason and our decision is final. If you breach any of our class rules (displayed below) you may be asked to leave the class and will not receive a refund.


Please be on time for all classes – if you are late and miss the warm up you may not be able to join in, at best you will be asked to warm yourself up and the responsibility for being ready to join the class safely transfers to you, no responsibility will be accepted by us if you are not physically ready to join in or sustain injuries due to being late.

Please, please, please do not teach other students – you are not qualified, experienced or insured to do so, nor should you ask another student to show you how to do a move that you have not been shown by your teacher. If another student sustains an injury because of this then we are not responsible for this. Additionally, if you perform a move that you have been advised to do by another student rather than your teacher, we will not be held responsible for any injuries you sustain. If you are found to be consistently breaking the rules you will be spoken to about this in private – it is extremely important that students teaching students does not happen at all, ever. The disclaimer you sign at the beginning of every class states that SWPF will not be held responsible for any moves performed that have not been directly demo-ed by the teacher.

You must wear appropriate clothing at all time, please remove all jewellery – rings and bracelets can scratch and get caught on the pole causing injury. If you have an item of jewellery that you cannot remove, you may cover it with a plaster or bandage, but you will be liable for damaging any of our equipment.

We allow anyone to take photographs and videos of their moves, but ask that you do not video the instructor teaching the class without their express permission. We also ask that you inform your instructor before class begins if you are uncomfortable with videos or photos being taken. We use some media for websites or social media, if you are unhappy with this you must let us know beforehand. The disclaimer you sign at the beginning of each class states that we use video and photography in our classes. Please ensure with any kids classes, if you want to video your child please ensure there are no other children in it or that you have the express permission of the parent of any other child in the background. If you have further questions, just ask or send us a message.

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