At Samantha Walsh Pole Dance and Fitness we have implemented the below social distancing policy to stop the spread of Covid-19. We require all students, instructors and other visitors to the studio to abide by the below guidance at all times. Failure to do so may result in removal from the studio with any future attendance suspended without a refund.

  • Before your first class please familiarise yourself with the new studio rules below for social distancing conduct. We will operate an ‘outer circle’ ideology to keep students spaced apart during lessons and a ‘keep to the left’ rule for students sharing equipment and also for entering and exiting the building. The instructor will also go through this with you in class to ensure understanding.
  • Please remain in your vehicle until your instructor calls you into class – this will allow the previous class time to exit, and time for our team to clean the studio ready for you.
  • Any attendees to the studio are required to adhere to a minimum of 2 metres social distancing from anybody that they do not live with.
  • As you enter the studio, please make your way to a free piece of equipment and stand next to it.
  • Looking inward, you are required to stand back from the ‘inner circle’. This will ensure that in both large studios of 6 poles that there is a circle of students as far apart as possible. Both studios are large enough to accommodate this effectively so please stay within those boundaries.
  • If sharing a pole, after cleaning it for the next user, please traverse in a linear fashion toward them bearing to the left. Do not cross into their area whilst in use or into another student’s equipment areas at any point during your class.
  • When you are not on your equipment try to ensure you are 2 metres away from the person next to you (mouth to mouth).
  • Please only leave your equipment area to wash your hands, use the bin, go to the bathroom or if you need medical attention.
  • Please move around the studio following the one-way system and any signage to this effect.
  • There is no storage area available to you at this time – please only bring into the studio with you what you will need for class and nothing more.
  • Please ensure you have water with you as our communal water facilities will not be available at this time.
  • Please ensure you bring your own grip with you as grip will no longer be available at the studio and we will not be allowing students to share grip between them.
  • Wear a face covering when suitable in the studio (not during exercise classes).  

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