Testimonials ❤

Tricia Leah: Sam is an excellent instructor and very patient. She takes you through moves step by step and explains clearly. Definitely pushes you so that you make progress every lesson. Would definitely recommend. Xx

Julie Nickerson Sam is a brilliant instructor. She teachers my 12yr old daughter, she’s so helpful with all the girls they’ve learnt so much from Sam a very lovely and caring lady I would definitely recommend her xx

Gianne Natalie Where to start?! Sam is an amazing instructor who pushes me to be my best without ever taking me further than I’m comfortable. I look forward to my lessons with her and recommend her to anyone who stands still long enough! I never thought I’d perform in any kind of showcase and thanks to Sam I’ve now taken part in two group and two doubles performances, as well as having had a pole photoshoot. I can’t thank Sam enough for the support and confidence she gives me every week.
Sam is also my 6 year old little girl’s pole instructor and she adores her! xxx

Louise Wilkinson Sam is the best she’s been my instructor and my friend for 2 years, iv loved every minute and have learnt so much from her with pole and pole dance, she has helped me build my confidence and always has time to listen and give you advice, she also taught my son for a while who loved being in her classes too! Awesome instructor xxx

Rowenna Baldwin Sam is such an inspiring person because of her strength and determination on the pole. This shines through when she teaches and really makes you want to achieve things in class. A great teacher!

Kerry Hartley Sam teaches my 16yr old daughter who has loved every minute of her lessons Sam boost her confidence a little more each lesson and she looks forward to every lesson!