Availability is updated weekly, please click settings tab to see which spaces are free.


  • 10.15am – STRETCH @ X4Less
  • 3.00pm – PRIVATE SESSION
  • 4.15pm – PRIVATE SESSION (2 HOURS)
  • 6.30pm – PRIVATE SESSION
  • 7.45pm – PRIVATE SESSION


  • 4.00pm – PRIVATE SESSION
  • 5.00pm KIDS POLE STUDIO SESSION @ Stanley Street
  • 6.30pm MIXED POLE STUDIO SESSION @ Stanley Street
  • 7.45pm MIXED POLE STUDIO SESSION @ Stanley Street


  • 10.15am – STRETCH @ X4Less
  • 11.45am – PRIVATE SESSION
  • 1.00pm – PRIVATE SESSION
  • 2.15pm – PRIVATE SESSION
  • 6.00pm – PRIVATE SESSION (2 HOURS)


  • 11.15am 90 mins Mixed Pole @ Functional Fit

SPECIAL OFFER: Bring a friend for a tenner to any Private session!

Studio sessions are shared with a maximum of 2 people per pole, therefore spaces are limited and booking is essential to secure your place. Social distancing measures will be in place and hygiene standards clinically adhered to.

We have a variety of pricing options to match the different styles of training we offer. If you prefer the more personal approach you can choose from a selection of 1 and 2 hour privates but if you like the social aspect of poling you are welcome to join our shared studio sessions. If you want a fix of both Pole and Stretch we offer a combined class on Saturday mornings. I can tailor Privates specifically for you based around what you want to do: Static Pole, Spinny Pole, Exotic Pole dance, Stretch or even a mix of all! In a nutshell your options are:

1 hour Private – £25 (bring a friend for £10)

2 hour private – £45 (bring a friend for £10)

Pole Tricks & Spins studio sessions – £7.00

Kids 4 week course – £25.00

Saturday Pole Fit (inc Stretch) – £10