As part of the lesson you will be required to do a warm up and cool down, these are vital parts of the session and cannot be skipped so yo must arrive on time. For your own safety, you may be asked to leave the session if the warm up has not been completed. Do not apply moisturiser or fake tan on the day of your class, this will make you slippy and is dangerous! It will also compromise the safety of the equipment for other users. We will never expect you go upside down (invert) in your first sessions. Please seek spotting assistance from your instructor and guidance for anything you are not sure of.

Do not attempt moves that have not been taught by your instructor, this includes moves learnt at other studios or demonstrated by other students. This will invalidate our insurance and is dangerous to yourself and others. We ensure that you are taught safely and within your own ability, we can not accept responsibility for moves that are taught incorrectly or without the correct technique and we are not responsible for any injury caused by attempting these moves.

Under no circumstance will we accept any student under the influence of drink or drugs. You will be asked to leave.

We ask you to remove all jewellery so as to avoid injury to yourself, damage to your jewellery and damage to the equipment. We cannot accept responsibility for any jewellery left onsite or mislaid during sessions. We suggest leaving items of sentiment or value at home or disposing of them carefully in your personal possessions before commencing a class.

Abusive or disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave with no option to recoup lost monies. Please treat your instructor and fellow students how you would expect to be treated, following rules at all times.

You are welcome to bring your own mats to stretch and warm up on, we will provide them if needed along with straps and yoga blocks.

You can also use whatever grip assistance you need provided you clean the equipment after use and make it ready for the next student to safely utilise it.

Lastly, enjoy, grow, nurture, excel. We are a proud, caring inclusive community wishing the best for all our fellow pole sisters and brothers. If you need to speak to us in confidence then do it. If you have suggestions, ideas, criticisms let us have them. Our business model is designed to work around you, no obligations, no bulk costs to pay, flexible and accommodating at all times. We promote full transparency in all our dealings and appreciate that people will visit other studios, do other workshops, take other privates, and all we ask is that you invite us!

Much love, peace out ❣

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